In my app i will be including a feature where the user uploads information to facebook and asks for help. As part of that upload i want include a link to the google play store so if others see it on their phones etc they may like to download. As part of that i will need to know the google play link before I publish it on Google Play. Is there a predetermined formula for getting the link. I.e play.google.com/store/com.mypackagename.html ?

or will i have to direct it to a webpage of mine that after its been published i use a redirect the user to the google play page?

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Currently, it will be


Where com.yourpackagename is your package as defined in your AndroidMainfest.xml


It will be


For example if package name of your app is org.kidinov.unixadmin url will be


Your application url will be like this format:


YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME should be as it in your menifest.xml file.

e.g; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pinterest where com.pinterest is a package name.

hoep it will help you.


Your Application URL will be


package name is the unique identifier of your app

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