How can I add multiselect field to a dexterity content type via model xml file? It is clear how to add single selection dropdown field:

<field name="dummy" type="zope.schema.Choice">

But how to do multi-select field? Basically the same as I can get with this python (zope schema):

my_field = schema.List(
            title="A title",

There is no problem for me to use python way, I'm just curious how to achieve this with xml.



A value_type tag:

<field name="links" type="zope.schema.List">
    <title>Related Items</title>
    <value_type type="zope.schema.Choice">

Your source should implement IContextSourceBinder.

  • Thanks, almost had it right. My mistake was specifying <type> as a tag, rather than as an attribute. – Rapolas K. Jul 23 '13 at 8:13

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