I wanted to show the users Name Address (see www.ipchicken.com), but the only thing I can find is the IP Address. I tried a reverse lookup, but didn't work either:

IPAddress ip = IPAddress.Parse(this.lblIp.Text);
string hostName = Dns.GetHostByAddress(ip).HostName;
this.lblHost.Text = hostName;

But HostName is the same as the IP address.

Who know's what I need to do?

Thanks. Gab.


Edit of my previous answer. Try (in vb.net):

    Dim sTmp As String
    Dim ip As IPHostEntry

    sTmp = MaskedTextBox1.Text
    Dim ipAddr As IPAddress = IPAddress.Parse(sTmp)
    ip = Dns.GetHostEntry(ipAddr)
    MaskedTextBox2.Text = ip.HostName

Dns.resolve appears to be obsolete in later versions of .Net. As stated here before I believe the issue is caused by your IP address not having a fixed name or by it having multiple names. The example above works with Google addresses, but not with an address we use that has a couple of names associated with it.


You need the Dns.Resolve() method from System.Net

See this article


Stupid me... The code is posted was 100% valid and working... But 10 lines lower I replaced the this.lblHost.Text with another value, which happened to be the ip address.



Also remember that reverse lookup won't allways give the same address as the one used in forward DNS lookup.

For example for google.com I get ip
but reverse dns lookup for that IP returns py-in-f99.google.com


Not all IP addresses need to have hostnames. I think that's what is happening in your case. Try it ouy with more well-known IP/hostname pairs eg:

Name: google.com Address:

Name: google.com Address:

Name: google.com Address:

...I might just be wrong


A lot of users have the same shared IP address, so you will not be able to find their hostnames. And a lot of users won't necessarily have DNS records in public DNS for the IPs they are coming from as well.

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