In this test, I expected dummyVar to be empty. However, regardless of what I set OmitAutoProperty to, it is not.

Is this correct behavior and why? What would be the AutoFixture way of creating an empty dummy collection?

public void ShouldBeEmpty()
    var fixture = new Fixture();
    fixture.Customize(new AutoMoqCustomization());
    fixture.OmitAutoProperties = true;
    var dummyVar = fixture.Create<IEnumerable<IComparable>>();

This is by design in AutoFixture 3.0. However, if you rather want enumerables to be empty, you can configure that as well.

If you explicitly want only IEnumerable<IComparable> (but not other collections) to be empty, an easier way is to do this:

fixture.Inject<IEnumerable<IComparable>>(new IComparable[0]);

OmitAutoProperties control whether or not object properties (and fields) are populated or not. It doesn't affect the size of collections. (IEnumerable<T> defines no writable properties.)

RepeatCount controls the size of collections, but as the previously mentioned issue reports, you cant set RepeatCount to 0 (again by design).

  • Thanks Mark, I really like the simplicity of new IComparable[0]. – cocogorilla Jul 22 '13 at 20:30
  • @mark-seemann I think you linked to the wrong page in your reply wrt regarding AutoFixture 3.0, in part because both the anchor and corresponding link to that section on the Wiki page itself were broken. AFAIK the correct link is github.com/AutoFixture/AutoFixture/wiki/… ... I also committed an update to the Wiki page itself. – Mass Dot Net Oct 6 '16 at 13:29

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