Say I have the following:

 <li>First item</li>
 <li>Second item</li>
 <li>Third item</li>

How would I select all the child elements after the first one using jQuery? So I can achieve something like:

 <li>First item</li>
 <li class="something">Second item</li>
 <li class="something">Third item</li>

You should be able to use the "not" and "first child" selectors.




  • I tried this: $('.certificateList input:checkbox :not(:first-child)') but it didn't work.... – Chris Canal Oct 7 '08 at 13:27
  • Will this be slower than the Slice method listed below? – Chris Marasti-Georg Oct 7 '08 at 13:59

Based on my totally unscientific analysis of the four methods here, it looks like there's not a lot of speed difference among them. I ran each on a page containing a series of unordered lists of varying length and timed them using the Firebug profiler.


Average Time: 5.322ms


Average Time: 5.590ms


Average Time: 6.084ms

$("ul li+li").addClass("something");

Average Time: 7.831ms

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    I came across this question cause I needed to get all children but the first. I was doing this on all the h3's that were in a div. I ran three of the queries like you had above on my page and came away with :not(:first-child) as being the fastest by 2-3 times. I think the way your page is structured may also play in to profile speeds. Either way though this answer taught me how to use the Firebug profiler and I thank you for that. – RedWolves Jun 16 '09 at 14:59


  • This is a nice answer, but I feel what I selected as the answer is the more explicit usage. Anyone new to the project will have quicker grasp on what is being done in the selector. – Chris Canal Oct 12 '08 at 1:24

A more elegant query (select all li elements that are preceded by a li element):

$('ul li+li')

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    $("li+li") will likely work faster then $("li:not(:first-child)") – Sergey Ilinsky Oct 7 '08 at 13:46

i'd use


This should work

$('ul :not(:first-child)').addClass('something');

This is what I have working so far

$('.certificateList input:checkbox:gt(0)')

Use jQuery .not() method



var firstElement = $('li').first();

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