I'm relatively new to using JSON and all I really need to do read in a few key value pairs from a JSON file on the file system. What I figured I would do is read in the file as a string and then parse it that way but it seems kind of redundant that way.

Here's what my file will be like:

 "username" : "myname"
 "domain" : "mydomain"

So essentially I need some help making an easy and efficient block of code to read in the key/value pairs. I've been trying to use GSON for the most part and haven't had much luck with examples I've found.

Thanks everyone


One other alternative is JSON.org, in which creating a JSON object from a JSON string requires only one line:

JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject(someJSONString);

When you need to access its value, use the functions that the JSONObject provides. For example,

String userName = jsonObject.getString("username");
String domainName = jsonObject.getString("mydomain");

Take a look here for an example of how to use gson to convert it to nice juicy data: Converting JSON to Java

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