I am developing an application where i am using POI library to generate .docx files. By using XWPFTable I am unable to apply table styles. can any one worked on this part? There are no examples and not good documentation out there.

Here is my snippet.

        int nRows = 14;
        int nCols = 6;
        XWPFTable t1 = doc.createTable(nRows, nCols);
        t1.setStyleID("Table Grid"); 

Thanks in advance


I have stumbled on this issue. I have created an empty docx file with all my juicy style available (Heading 1, 2, etc...). I create a XWPFDocument

    try {
        InputStream resourceAsStream =  new FileInputStream("protocol_empty.docx");       
        document = new XWPFDocument(resourceAsStream);
    } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
    } catch (IOException e) {

then add my paragraph my setting the style ....setStyle("Heading 1");

It works.


Got the answer. I added a template with few styles in it. It worked.

This question helped me


I had trouble identifying the styleId to use. If you make a template and add the table with the style in, export it as a Word XML file then you can look up styleId. So "Light List" for me was actually "LightList" (w:style w:type="table" w:styleId="LightList").

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