I have a question object with a created_at attribute in it. When I will find a question i get back the created_at from the REST service, but Activeresource do not convert the date string to DateTime.


=> String

In which format should be the Json response, so that ActiveResource will convert it to a DateTime?

If it is not possible, what should i do?

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According to slide #14 in this presentation, you can do this in config/initializers/active_resource.rb:

ActiveSupport::JSON::Encoding.use_standard_json_time_format = true
ActiveSupport.parse_json_times = true

JSON will always be a string as this is how it passes data as stringyfied objects. If you want to convert it to a date/time object you will need to parse it at the server side.

Time.parse should do the trick


  • But i need the json structure, because my rest service is in perl not in Rails.
    – Piioo
    Jul 26, 2013 at 6:41

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