Is there any way for Notepad++ to highlight syntax with user added keywords, WITHOUT defining new language? I'd like to add highlighting for TODO/TBD/FIXME and some other, project specific keywords. Is that even possible?


For those that are visting this page (by a google search for example), there is an answer for the Ruby language given here. But as it works the same way for every other language, BoltClock answer is suitable for [given] language.

In short: Go to Settings > Style Configurator > Choose language > Click at KEYWORD / INSTRUCTION and add your own keyword.

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    This solution does not seem to work for TODO's in comments. It chooses the default comment color. – miva2 Apr 22 '15 at 8:46

From the blog article How to Organise your life with just a text file:

You can add keywords to Python with Settings > Style Configurator

I use the Now, Soon, and Later keywords (among others) to organize my projects. I chose Python because the folding is defined with Indents. You can add your own keywords and choose the color highlight for foreground and background colors.

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