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Full Error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '' (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or number (T_NUM_STRING)

It says that the error is on line 12. Here is what I have there:

$introduction="INSERT INTO Introduction (Title, Description)
VALUES ('$_POST[introtitle]','$_POST['introdescription']')";

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You have extra single quotes :

$introduction="INSERT INTO Introduction (Title, Description)
VALUES ('$_POST[introtitle]','$_POST[introdescription]')";
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    Any answer with $_POST in the query string is hazardously wrong. This is also incorrect because it won't interpolate correctly. – tadman Jul 25 '13 at 20:47
  • @tadman it's not my code ...so why do you downvote this ? This fix the error...may be he don't care for sql injection. – Fabien TheSolution Jul 25 '13 at 20:48
  • A) Your answer is incorrect. B) If you're posting code, it should be valid for a range of inputs, such as values like My 'Title'. Saying "someone doesn't care about SQL injection" is absolutely nuts. – tadman Jul 25 '13 at 20:49
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    I'm learning PHP and MySQL at the moment and so I'm starting off with the basics. I will look into the SQL injections once I get this to work! :D – user1804933 Jul 25 '13 at 20:49
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    Strange that the selected answer got downvote .... Another "SQL Injection" psycho out there... – Fabien TheSolution Oct 22 '14 at 19:19

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