How can one obtain a default deserialized object in a custom Jackson deserializer?

I have an object which contains some fields which are not to be serialized, but which I wish to always be populated upon deserialization. In other words, a post-deserialize step.

I have created my own deserializer and annotated the class with a corresponding @JsonDeserialize, but I don't want to deserialize each field in the domain object by hand. Is there a way to get the regular deserialized object so I can just populate my custom fields? (Or else, just register a post-deserialization processor on a bean)

I have seen the answer to this question which hints at an answer, but I'm sufficiently unaware of the Jackson API to determine how best to actually effect this.


This can be achieved by using a BeanSerializerModifier and extending BeanSerializerBase, as per @ryanp's answer to this question.

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