I have an existing integration with Paypal using the java sdk. We're planning a production release, but we can't let it got to prod with the current log level of the sdk. It seems to be set to DEBUG and logs every request going/coming from Paypal. I guess there must be a parameter to add to the paypal_sdk_config.properties file, but I can't seem to guess it and documentation is inexistant on the matter.

Anyone has ever done this before?


We just discovered, going through the code source of the com.paypal.core.LoggingManager class, that the logger creation is not intuitive.

The logger name is always something like class for example: class com.paypal.core.APIService

It means that you cannot set the log level through this call


To set the log level, you need to do that:

getLogger("class com.paypal.core.APIService").setLevel(Level.WARNING);

I just open an issue on the Paypal github repo for that strange behavior: https://github.com/paypal/sdk-core-java/issues/13

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