I'm currently using WebAPI running on OWIN/Katana. I've defined two message handlers:

  • CorsHandler: Allowing CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing), will be applied on all HTTP messages
  • HmacAuthenticationHandler: Checks if the user is authenticated, will only be applied on routes which needs authentication.

My HttpConfiguration will be configured like this:

var config = new HttpConfiguration();

/* configure routes for the web API */
// ### public routes ###
config.Routes.MapHttpRoute("IndexRoute", "", new {controller = "Main", action = "get"});
config.Routes.MapHttpRoute("LoginRoute", "login", new {controller = "Account", action = "Login"});
config.Routes.MapHttpRoute("RegisterRoute", "register", new {controller = "Account", action = "Register"});

// ### routes that need authentication ###
// according to http://www.asp.net/web-api/overview/working-with-http/http-message-handlers  (last example)

// List of delegating handlers.
var handlers = new DelegatingHandler[] {
  new HmacAuthenticationHandler(controllerConfig.StorageHelper.UserLoginInfo)
// Create a message handler chain with an end-point.
var routeHandlers = HttpClientFactory.CreatePipeline(new HttpControllerDispatcher(config), handlers);

// configure route
  new {id = RouteParameter.Optional},

/* other settings (JSON formatting, ...) */

/* dependency resolver, which will pass an instance of my DAO factory to each controller */
config.DependencyResolver = new ControllerDependencyResolver(daoFactory);

/* apply CORS message handler to all messges */
config.MessageHandlers.Add(new CorsHandler());

If I call an Web API method via AJAX call, which needs authentication (e.g. "") everything work as expected. The message handler will be called as shown below:

Valid user credentials:

Client -> CorsHandler -> HmacAuthenticationHandler -> TestController (get(id)) -> CorsHandler -> HmacAuthenticationHandler -> Client (OK-200)

Invalid user credentials:

Client -> CorsHandler -> HmacAuthenticationHandler -> CorsHandler -> HmacAuthenticationHandler -> Client (Unauthorized request-403)

But if I call an Web API method via AJAX call, which don't need authentication (e.g. ""). The HmacAuthenticationHandler will be called "on the way back to the client", even though it is not assigned to this route:

Client -> CorsHandler -> AccountController(login) -> CorsHandler -> HmacAuthenticationHandler -> Client (OK-200)

Why will the HmacAuthenticationHandler be called on the "public route" (during the response)? Strange thing is it'll not influence the response, client still gets OK-200.


I've created a sample project and replaced all internal interfaces/implementations with fake ones, the code can be found and downloaded on BitBucket:


  • This should not be happening. Would it be possible for you to share a repro so that we can take a look at it? – Kiran Challa Jul 26 '13 at 14:10
  • @KiranChalla I'll try to extract the important classes and upload them somewhere like github on monday when I'm back at work. – Robar Jul 27 '13 at 9:36
  • @KiranChalla I've updated my Question with the sample code. – Robar Jul 29 '13 at 6:51

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