I think this is an easy fix, but I've been stuck at this trouble spot for hours now.

Basically in the excel worksheet I have two buttons assigned to macros: 1 and 2. If the user clicks 1 first and then clicks then 2, 2 runs off of some of the variables from 1. But I need 2 to be able to operate independently if 2 is clicked first. Therefore, I need some way in the 2 code to ask if 1 button has been clicked.

Both 1 and 2 are public subs. I think there is something that I am missing with the definitions, but I'm not sure.

Simple Sample:

Public Sub 1()
do this
End Sub

Public Sub 2()
If 1 clicked then
   process a
   process b
End if
End Sub

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Set a Public Boolean and use that

For example

Dim ButtonOneClick As Boolean 'Make sure this is before all subs

Sub Button1_Click()
ButtonOneClick = True
End Sub

Sub Button2_Click()
If ButtonOneClick Then
    MsgBox "Button 1 Was Clicked"
    MsgBox "Button 1 Was NOT Clicked"
End If

ButtonOneClick = False
End Sub

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