I'm integration a custom payment method on cs cart. After the payment is complete I need to display to the user the transaction ID but I do not know how to rescue it. I'm saving the trasancition ID in the payment procesor file and adding the variable name to the $pp_response array file, like this:

$pp_response["transaction_id"] = $tbk_auth; 

I know this is working becouse in the orders details in admin panel the Trasacion ID is displaying correctly.

The question is: How to display transacction ID to the customer? How Can I access the $pp_response array to get this info?



If the data is in the $pp_response array, you can create a hook file in


(modify the file name to indicate where you want it to show up)

Then in the file, you can access it by using


This will add to the table at the bottom of the page by the order totals. You can change the file name to put your info wherever there's a TPL hook.

This is an example from my custom payment processor response:

  <td>Card Type</td>

Hope this helps.

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