I've installed Oracle Database 11g on Windows 7, and when I open the Database Control, I get this page :

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In the installation I choosed orcl as Username and orcl as Password, but when I enter them I get that the the username and/or password are invalid.

How can I solve this problem ?


Log in to the database using the user name SYS and connect as SYSDBA.

Use the password that you specified for the SYS account during the installation.

for further info follow this link


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  • Thanks, this allows me to log in. I wonder how can we log in with other usernames because logging in with other usernames will result in invalid username and/or password. – user3437460 Apr 17 '18 at 4:06

This problem happens due to deprecated OracleDBConsoleSID startup.


emctl stop dbconsole

emctl start dbconsole

Then close the tab and open EM URL in new tab. Use your SYS credential to log in.

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