Well I've written a bat file which is used to load my pokemon backups for when I'm away from my gameboys, however I've converted to linux and I'm having issues getting the .BAT file in my exe (I've decompiled the exe back the the source) to work as a .SH and I can't really find much on how to use shell commands as the same function they would be in a BAT file :/ I would also love to know how to set the SH file to load out of the current directory AND run said program in wine.

Here is my .BAT file which works 100% perfectly under windows but refuses to run under wine or a CMD prompt portable under wine


ECHO ============= RawX GBA's =============
ECHO -------------------------------------
ECHO 1.  Pokemon Crystal
ECHO 2.  Pokemon Green
ECHO 3.  Pokemon Gold
ECHO 4.  Pokemon Pikachu
ECHO 5.  Pokemon Ruby
ECHO 6.  Pokemon Chaos Black
Echo 7.  Pokemon Silver
ECHO 8.  Pokemon White (NDS)
Echo 10.
Echo 11.
Echo 12. Pokemon Black (NDS)
ECHO ==========PRESS 'Q' TO QUIT==========
color fc

SET /P INPUT=Please select a number:

IF /I '%INPUT%'=='1' GOTO Selection1
IF /I '%INPUT%'=='2' GOTO Selection2
IF /I '%INPUT%'=='3' GOTO Selection3
IF /I '%INPUT%'=='4' GOTO Selection4
IF /I '%INPUT%'=='5' GOTO Selection5
IF /I '%INPUT%'=='6' GOTO Selection6
IF /I '%INPUT%'=='7' GOTO Selection7
IF /I '%INPUT%'=='8' GOTO Selection8
IF /I '%INPUT%'=='9' GOTO Selection9
IF /I '%INPUT%'=='10' GOTO Selection10
IF /I '%INPUT%'=='11' GOTO Selection11
IF /I '%INPUT%'=='12' GOTO Selection12
IF /I '%INPUT%'=='Q' GOTO Quit


ECHO ============INVALID INPUT============
ECHO -------------------------------------
ECHO Please select a number from the Main
echo Menu [1-9] or select 'Q' to quit.
ECHO -------------------------------------



".\VisualBoyAdvance.exe"  ".\Pokemon Crystal.zip"
goto menu


".\VisualBoyAdvance.exe"  ".\Pokemon Green.zip"
goto menu


".\VisualBoyAdvance.exe"  ".\Pokemon Gold.zip"
goto menu


".\VisualBoyAdvance.exe"  ".\Poke'mon Pikachu.zip"
goto menu


".\VisualBoyAdvance.exe"  ".\Pokemon Ruby.zip"
goto menu


".\VisualBoyAdvance.exe"  ".\Pokemon - Chaos Black.zip"
goto menu


".\VisualBoyAdvance.exe"  ".\Pokemon Silver.zip"
goto menu


".\desmume.exe"  ".\PokeWhite.zip"
goto menu


".\desmume.exe"  ".\PokeBlack.zip"
goto menu


ECHO ==============THANK YOU===============
ECHO -------------------------------------

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    It's useless on Linux. You should write it from scratch. – David Jashi Jul 27 '13 at 23:44
  • I thought about that, but I really know almost nothing about shell scripting, I've been kinda curious though couldn't I write it in python? – Cody Yakel Jul 27 '13 at 23:45
  • Yes, you can use Python. – David Jashi Jul 27 '13 at 23:47
  • :) Alright thank you sir, I shall just do that. Does this site allow one ups? or however it works if not Thanks again for the speedy replies – Cody Yakel Jul 27 '13 at 23:49
  • You'd want to switch to Python if you had plans to make it a lot more complex, but if it just needs to be a straight translation, shell script is more than sufficient for the task. As for "one ups", I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean a way to upvote a comment or answer, that's covered on this site's about page. As I write this, your question has two downvotes, likely because you're basically asking us to rewrite your script for you, which isn't a clear, specific question. Luckily for you, I was bored enough today to do it anyway. :) – Warren Young Jul 28 '13 at 1:02

The conversion to Bourne shell is pretty straightforward:

  1. Add #!/bin/sh or similar as the first line, to tell Linux which interpreter to use. Unlike on Windows, there's more than one command shell, and more script interpreters than just shells besides.

  2. The equivalent of the cmd.exe command CLS is clear on Linux.

  3. Linux is case-sensitive, so all your ECHOs have to be lowercase. If I'd kept your IF statements in the translated version, they'd have to be lowercase, too.

  4. echo in shell scripts doesn't just print everything literally to the end of the line, as in cmd.exe. Bourne shell is a much richer language: it can apply meaning to what appears after a command before sending it to the command. In your code, the single quotes (') and multiple spaces won't survive this command processing.

    To avoid problems of this sort, I've double-quoted all of your echo strings. I could have done it selectively, double-quoting only the problem strings, but chose to double-quote everything for consistency. I don't want you to get the mistaken idea that echo in Bourne shell requires the double-quotes.

    If I wasn't interested in keeping the translation simple, so you can see more 1:1 correspondences between batch files and shell scripts, I'd replace the two big blocks of echo commands with a heredoc.

  5. echo. is just echo in Bourne shell. You don't need the dot in Bourne shell because echo in Bourne shell isn't overloaded to turn command echoing on and off, as with ECHO ON/OFF in cmd.exe. (Bourne shell does have a similar feature, enabled via set -x.)

  6. It is possible to get colored output in Bourne shell, but there is no simple built-in command for it as in cmd.exe. If you want pretty colored menus, you can replace much of the code in this script with a call to dialog(1).

  7. You use read to get input in a shell script; set does other things.

  8. There is no goto in Bourne shell. We don't need it, because Bourne shell has decent control structures. I think a case statement expresses the intent of your inner selection code, and an infinite while loop expresses the outer "keep doing this until they hit q" scheme.

  9. I don't see how code flow gets to your "press any key to continue" bit at the end, so I removed it. If I'm wrong, the rough equivalent of PAUSE is read -n 1 -s.

  10. I have changed the calls to the external programs, dropping the .exe and changing .\ to ./ to match the way things are done on Linux. You still need to come up with Linux equivalents of VisualBoyAdvance.exe and desmume.exe.

The result looks something like this:


while true do
    echo "============= RawX GBA's ============="
    echo "-------------------------------------"
    echo "1.  Pokemon Crystal"
    echo "2.  Pokemon Green"
    echo "3.  Pokemon Gold"
    echo "4.  Pokemon Pikachu"
    echo "5.  Pokemon Ruby"
    echo "6.  Pokemon Chaos Black"
    echo "7.  Pokemon Silver"
    echo "8.  Pokemon White (NDS)"
    echo "9."
    echo "10."
    echo "11."
    echo "12. Pokemon Black (NDS)"
    echo "==========PRESS 'Q' TO QUIT=========="

    echo -n "Please select a number: "
    read input

    case $input in
            ./VisualBoyAdvance "Pokemon Crystal.zip"

            ./VisualBoyAdvance "Pokemon Green.zip"

        # etc.


            echo "============INVALID INPUT============"
            echo "-------------------------------------"
            echo "Please select a number from the Main"
            echo "Menu [1-12] or select 'Q' to quit."
            echo "-------------------------------------"
            echo "======PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE======"

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