I created a Google Compute Engine instance but can not ping its external IP address (

I can ssh into the instance via gcutil, but I can not ping the external address from my home computer.

With Amazon EC2, this is straightforward and just works.

What's up with Google ?


By default, all incoming traffic is blocked except for SSH. To enable ICMP (ping), you can create a firewall rule by running:

$ gcutil addfirewall allow-ping --allowed=icmp

This will allow you to ping all of your instances on the default network. Firewall rules can also be created in the Cloud Console --> Compute Engine --> Networks UI.

You can also create rules which only apply to groups of instances, etc. Details in the documentation for Networks and Firewalls.

The same steps apply for allowing other kinds of traffic. If you want to allow HTTP traffic, for example:

$ gcutil addfirewall http --allowed=tcp:80
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  • Thanks for the patient response, which I could have figured out if I had actually read the documentation. :-) – user2626544 Jul 28 '13 at 20:00
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    It sounds like this answered your question. If so, please mark the question answered by clicking the check mark next to this answer. Thanks in advance! – Brian Dorsey Nov 15 '13 at 6:20

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