Is there a way to parse haskell source and for given import check if it is redundant?

haskell-src should be useful, but I've found nothing similar here.


There is a nice new package called module-management that has the functionality you need. It has a cleanImports function that does exactly what it sounds like. It also has a bunch of other facilities for managing modules that may be useful.

The main problem I see--not having used the package myself--is that the cleanImports function does quite a bit all at once. If you want functions at a higher granularity, you will either have to look through other parts of the package or maybe even factor out some basic functionality yourself. That said, I think this package is the perfect place to start.


fix-imports is pretty great if you want something a bit simpler than module-management (which I haven't tried, so don't feel qualified to compare beyond what hackage suggests).

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