I have following Query :

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("Select employee_id, 
          lastname, firstname from Employees", conn);

//Execute reader
SqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader();

using sqlDatareader, I just want to know the datatype field :

suppose i want to know the datatype of field employee_id how to know using reader variable ?



reader.GetFieldType(int ordinal)

will return the .NET type of the field, while:

reader.GetDataTypeName(int ordinal)

will return a string representing the data type of the field in the data source (e.g. varchar). GetFieldType is likely to be more useful to you given the use case you describe


You can get all the relevant metadata with this:

var metaDataList = new List<IDictionary<String, Object>>();

using (SqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader())
    var hasRows = reader.HasRows;
    while (reader.Read())
        for (int i = 0; i < reader.FieldCount; i++)
            dynamic fieldMetaData = new ExpandoObject();
            var columnName = reader.GetName(i);
            var value = reader[i];
            var dotNetType = reader.GetFieldType(i);
            var sqlType = reader.GetDataTypeName(i);
            var specificType = reader.GetProviderSpecificFieldType(i);
            fieldMetaData.columnName = columnName;
            fieldMetaData.value = value;
            fieldMetaData.dotNetType = dotNetType;
            fieldMetaData.sqlType = sqlType;
            fieldMetaData.specificType = specificType;

It's slightly overkill, but I can't imagine you would need more type information than that. You could also use the hasRows variable in an if statement or for exception handling.


Use .GetFieldType(colnameIndex) as:

If (reader.GetFieldType(0) Is GetType(String) Or reader.GetFieldType(0) Is
GetType(Date) )


or it can be just: reader.GetFieldType(0)

According to your further logic you can mold this function into simple text or conditional form.

  • What exactly is the GetType method? Doesn't seem to exist. – Jimmy Jan 19 '17 at 22:27
  • GeType returns type of object – C Sharper Jan 20 '17 at 8:56

.GetDataTypeName may be what you are after:



You can use the GetFieldType method, passing in the ordinal of the column whose type you wish to retrieve. It returns the System.Type of the field.

As an example, if you wanted to get the type of the first column you could do var firstColType = reader.GetFieldType(0);

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