i'm getting a syntax error on row.createCell line

Multiple markers at this line
    - Syntax error on token "createCell", = expected after 
     this token
    - Syntax error on token(s), misplaced construct(s)

this is the code

HSSFWorkbook wb = new HSSFWorkbook();
HSSFSheet sheet = wb.createSheet("new sheet");
HSSFRow row = sheet.createRow((short)2);
  • What library is this? The signature of the createCell method would be helpful.
    – Michael Myers
    Nov 24 '09 at 19:26
  • How is createCell declared in HSSFRow?
    – Aoife
    Nov 24 '09 at 19:26
  • The syntax error is certainly not in the code you provided. Nov 24 '09 at 19:28
  • was just following Apache POI HSSF implementation shown rgagnon.com/javadetails/java-0516.html
    – rover12
    Nov 24 '09 at 19:29
  • We may need more detail. Can you post a short but complete program which demostrates the problem?
    – Michael Myers
    Nov 24 '09 at 20:39

Where are these statements? If they're in the field declaration section of a class, then the last statement can't appear there.

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