I noticed looking through the django-allauth templates there's a signup_closed.html users can be redirected to when user registration is closed or disabled. Does anyone who's familiar with that module know if there's a pre-configured setting that can be set in settings.py to turn off new user registration via existing social apps? Or do I need to configure that myself? I've read the full docs for allauth and I don't see any mention of it. Thanks.

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Looks like you need to override is_open_for_signup on your adapter.

See the code.


There is no pre-configured setting but it's easy to make one (this is what I do).

# settings.py

# Point to custom account adapter.
ACCOUNT_ADAPTER = 'myproject.myapp.adapter.CustomAccountAdapter'

# A custom variable we created to tell the CustomAccountAdapter whether to
# allow signups.
# myapp/adapter.py

from django.conf import settings

from allauth.account.adapter import DefaultAccountAdapter

class CustomAccountAdapter(DefaultAccountAdapter):

    def is_open_for_signup(self, request):
        Whether to allow sign ups.
        allow_signups = super(
            CustomAccountAdapter, self).is_open_for_signup(request)
        # Override with setting, otherwise default to super.
        return getattr(settings, 'ACCOUNT_ALLOW_SIGNUPS', allow_signups)

This is flexible, especially if you have multiple environments (e.g. staging) and want to allow user registration in staging before setting it live in production.

  • This code does the trick. However, let me add a warning label: Implementing this custom adapter can prevent initial logins on social accounts, which can require operating signup methods to create the user's social account. Users with pre-existing accounts will not be affected, but if you add a user to Azure AD (for example) and let them sign in with their microsoft ID, they'll be redirected to the non-working signup views, since their account can't be created automatically. Nov 23, 2022 at 18:09

More information at http://django-allauth.readthedocs.io/en/latest/advanced.html#custom-redirects.

You need to subclass allauth.account.adapter.DefaultAccountAdapter to override is_open_for_signup, and then set ACCOUNT_ADAPTER to your class in settings.py

  • In case this helps others. I followed instructions above but named my custom adapter file account_adapter.py which is seems to be reserved name so it was giving ModuleNotFoundError. I had to rename it to something else eg my_account_adapter.py and then this worked.
    – curtisp
    Nov 2, 2019 at 16:18

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