Are there any tools that can generate a UML class diagram from a project in TypeScript or a similar language?

  • You should really ask 2 questions, one for each language... I doubt the syntax is so similar that one tool would work for both. – MasterScrat Sep 20 '16 at 16:19
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Using UML Diagram feature introduced by IntelliJ Editor by Jetbrains and it works very well with typescript.

Open the Diagram Popup

Go to Settings >>> Search for uml and find the keyboard shortcut for it.


Right Click on a class name >>> Diagrams >>> Show Diagram Popup

Show class properties and methods:

Righ Click on the diagram popup >>> Show Categories >>> Methods or Properties


  • You will find many options to show through the right click on the diagram popup.
  • You can zoom on the diagram objects (If there are too much details) by holding the Alt key when hovering on them

    enter image description here


For TypeScript:

  • The ALM TypeScript editor includes this feature: https://github.com/alm-tools/alm/issues/84

    However it looks like it only creates diagram for a single class, not a full hierarchical view of the project with inheritance relationships.

  • Tsviz is another promising project: https://github.com/joaompneves/tsviz

    example generated diagram

    It generates full project diagram. However it looks outdated and doesn't work with recent TypeScript versions. I'm working on an updated fork.


Please use IntelliJ editor by Jetbrains. It has the function of UML diagramming from existing code.

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    Could you outline the steps needed to generate said diagram in IntelliJ? – mjohnsonengr Jul 10 '15 at 13:45
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    Does it actually has this feature for TypeScript? – michalczukm Aug 29 '15 at 16:58

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