So, I am attempting to write to the Windows Event Log using Write-EventLog. I've compiled a CategoryMessageFile .dll and have registered it in the registry.

My script writes to the event log for the most part, but the problem is that the event doesn't display the category name; it displays the category message id enumerated in the dll.

New-EventLog -LogName Application -Source 'test1' -CategoryResourceFile 'C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\test.dll'

Write-EventLog -LogName Application -Source 'test1' -EntryType Information -EventId 1 -Message "$($DataSet.Tables[0].Rows[$i][6])" -Category 1

I know the mapping is correct because when I run

Get-EventLog -LogName Application -Newest 3 | Format-List

The correct Category name shows up under Category for the events I had just written to the log.

Here is what my mc file looked like.

;// Header

;// Categories





So, how do I get the name to display instead of the number in the event log?

  • Working the backlog here 2 years later :P Did you solve it? The category was visible in the PowerShell but not in the Event Viewer (GUI)? If so, did you try restarting Event Viewer (or the computer for that matter) after you registered the category message file? "Note that when you have registered a category message file, you have to restart the event log viewer to pick up the changes." (Source: – Frode F. Apr 15 '15 at 20:59

You're probably looking for it in the Application or System log event and the first command you ran created a log named TEST1.

DESCRIPTION This cmdlet creates a new classic event log on a local or remote computer. It can also register an event source that writes to the new log or to an existing log.

Try adding the machine's Authenticated Users or Users group to the message folder's security level. Keep the default permissions. Then either reboot or try to restart the EventLog service.

At an administrator command prompt: net stop eventlog

You will likely be prompted to shutdown other services. You must enter Y to continue. The services being shutdown will normally restart on their own so you just need to wait a few seconds. The eventlog service may fail to shutdown because another service has restarted, it may take a couple of tries to get everything down. Watch the resulting text closely for status.

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