I was trying dapper orm and recently they added asyncquery support. I googled it about that. It is wonderful if you have heavy traffic on your site. I was trying that with postgressql and dapper. Now, in connection if I am passing simple connection string it works fine. But as per couple of articles it is not true async if I want to use it, I need async connection string.

Now, I don't know how to use with Postgresql and npgsql. Here is complete article for reference where author explains how to do it with Sql Server.

What I need to do if I want same with Postgresql?

Please let me know if any further requirement needed.


The author of this article is somewhat wrong - in .NET 4.5 the AsynchronousProcessing property is ignored because it is no longer required. You can just start calling the Async methods of SqlClient without any special connection strings.

Whether the operations will execute asynchronously, depends on the database provider. For example, the default implementation of DbCommand.ExecuteDbDataReaderAsync actually executes synchronously and blocks the calling thread. SqlCommand overrides this method and executes asynchronously.

Unfortunately, NpgsqlCommand doesn't override this method so you are left with synchronous execution only.

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