Suppose I have a calculation in cell A3 based on Offset:

 = STDEV(OFFSET(H30,1-M2,0,M2,1))

since using of offset will not make the range visible when I click on the cell, I'd like to add a couple of checkings to ensure the calculation is alway correct.

Now, how could I show the top row, left column, row count and column count of the range defined by this OFFSET(H30,1-M2,0,M2,1)?

can this be done using Excel formula only, without adopting VBA?

  • Row count is M2 and column count is always 1. Top-left cell address is ADDRESS(ROW(OFFSET(H30,1-M2,0,M2,1)),COLUMN(OFFSET(H30,1-M2,0,M2,1))) Commented Jul 30, 2013 at 6:02

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Assuming M2 contains a positive number won't the range always end at H30? (or if M2 is negative range will start at H32). You could get the full address with this formula



Full address:

=ADDRESS(ROW(OFFSET(H30,1-M2,0,M2,1)),COLUMN(OFFSET(H30,1-M2,0,M2,1))) & ":" &

Credit to Richard Schollar: http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/506397-formula-show-full-address-named-range-without-visual-basic-applications.html

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