Is it possible to make variable private as well as constant in php ?

I want to make the variable private so this variable can not access outside the class and also want to make the variable constant because I don't want to access constant variable with class name outside the class

Please anybody suggest me the answer. Thanks.

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First, your PHP variable can be always set to private public or protected with the respective keyword.

Second, your PHP class constant cannot be set ot another scope than public. So both these syntax are not valid: public const A private const A. You can only use const A inside your class.

If you want to make your constant privated, you should declare your static member as follows:

class A
   private static $a;

This class member can be call like a constant via A::$a, however, you can still modify its value.


Use Private static properties in that case you will have the same variable throughout all objects and if you want to extend its scop to nested you can expose getter method to get its value and restrict variables settings.


Constants can never be private. They can only be public

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