I have an app that correctly uses NSPredicate to filter an array and displays the resulting filtered array to the user.

Here is my NSPredicate code:

NSPredicate *predicate = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"(Name CONTAINS[cd] %@) OR (Acronym CONTAINS[cd] %@) OR (departments.Name CONTAINS[cd] %@)",searchBar.text,searchBar.text,searchBar.text];

The problem comes when the user attempts to search by the departments.Name property. I believe the problem is the way that I search through the array (ListData). The way that the array is formatted is:

The ListData array holds several objects with keys: Name, Acronym, and departments (which further has objects with a key: Name). I want to use NSPredicate to search through the ListData.Name, ListData.Acronym, AND ListData.departments.Name.

NOTE: There are a range of 0-10 departments which an object could contain. Not sure if this would cause any problems, but I would like to provide as much relevant information as possible.

How would I format the NSPredicate predicateWithFormat: to search all three variables?


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If departments is an array of objects, then you can use ANY in the predicate:

 ... OR (ANY departments.Name CONTAINS[cd] %@)

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