Has anyone experienced this problem with CKEditor and IE8?

Basiclally, when the content included a nested p tag, you cant edit the content.


<p>This content cannot be changed in IE8</p>

Anyone have a fix?

UPDATED with an example

Sorry for pulling this back up, The problem is caused when the div has a width OR a height either via the content.css or inline. Such as:

<div style="width:400px">
<p>This content cannot be changed in IE8</p>
  • I can't reproduce this. Can you post a link to a live example? – Pekka 웃 Dec 31 '09 at 21:02

I tried to repro your problem by inserting the HTML you gave into CKEditor demo and it worked fine. Something else is going on in your case.

Do you have your own CSS applied?


I can indeed reproduce it now. Not nice! :)

In fact, the div is editable, it's just very hard to get the cursor into it. It's possible by clicking on the div, then outside it to its right (at least I managed to get into the field that way). The content itself is editable.

This has been filed as a Bug in CKEditor. It has a patch worth checking out:

With this patch the behavior is the same than FCKeditor, so elements with layout are editable after clicking and waiting a little. This can help to fix #4910 as now it will be possible to position the hidden div (at least I hope so)

Let us know whether the patch works!


same happened for me using IE8/7... in my case the html was more like this:

<div class="width50 floatright">
<p>Some text you can't edit in IE</p>
<p>This text you can edit in IE</p>

css (external file) as follows:


Applying the above patch does work, however there's a couple more hoops to jump through in order to get it working. You need to re-package the files.

Read this:

recompressing ckeditor files after edits

worked for me...

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