Eg. I have two separate files with the same root name which can be seen in employment.xml and education.xml. The common word between both files is the word "code". I would like to ensure that for "code" , the values do not get repeated in their respective files.

So moving onto schema, how do i make the verification for code only. Since apprently two selectors do not work in one . I am trying to prevent writing too any and make the schema be reusable for more similar lists with "code".

My idea is to create a function like thing. In the sense, if it identifies "employmentstatus", then should result in 'xs:selector xpath = "employmentstatus"' and if identifies "education", then should result in '"xs:selector xpath = "education"' etc.

Is it possible in XML Schema? Any suggestions will be great?

XML Files:


enter image description here


enter image description here

XML Schema:


enter image description here


"xs:selector xpath = "*" "

This works because * matches any element node. It works temporarily as I have only one element currently. This has helped to get the element name. It works.

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