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Is there any method to count number of properties (or size) of an object (don't want to use any loop) ?

Suppose i have an object obj as,


Then is there any method which results 3 in this case ?

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Object.keys returns an array containing the names of the object's own enumerable properties, so:

var count = Object.keys(obj).length;

Note that there may well be a loop involved (within Object.keys), but at least it's within the JavaScript engine. Object.keys was added by ES5, so older browsers may not have it (it can be "shimmed," though; search for "es5 shim" for options).

Note that that's not quite the same list of properties that for-in iterates, as for-in includes properties inherited from the prototype.

I don't believe there's any way to get a list of the object's non-enumerable properties (that would be the point of them!).


You can use Object.keys() in modern browsers


You can use


P.S. Only in modern browsers.

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