My Sitecore site requires usernames to be email address.

I can create the users successfully in code but whenever I try to create extranet users manually within the Sitecore CMS on the User Manager it throws a valuation error for email usernames user name is not valid in the selected domain.. It appears to be the @ symbol that causes the validation.

How can I update this validation?


You can use this setting:

<setting name="AccountNameValidation" value=".+" />

Also, consider setting requiresUniqueEmail of the membership provider to true so you can't have duplicate email addresses.

More information: http://briancaos.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/sitecore-allow-email-adress-as-user-name/


You need to modify the AccountNameValidation setting in the web.config

<setting name="AccountNameValidation" value=".+" />

This will allow all characters in the username


Above suggests are correct but I found mine included in an sub config located at


<setting name="AccountNameValidation" value=".+" />

Original answer here http://klenke.org/?p=144

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