Is there any way to see which email address a contact form is sending it content to ?

Someone asked me this today, and i thought the answer would be no, but it got me thinking is there a way..

The only thing i could think of looking at would be the POST data which would show you were the data was posted to and which content was sent, but not the actual server side script which would probably hold the recipients address.. so using that approach i couldn't see how you could, but i wandered if there was another way.. any ideas ?


There are some ocasions when the contact form will send a destination address in a hidden HTML field, but I would say that those are the minority of all contact pages I have seen.

There is no need to pass the recipient of the email address if you only really process it internally.

Actually, the contact form might not even generate an email from your submission, sometime it will just store it in a database and use some other form of notification and access to your submission.

I would check the contact form page source (crtl-u on many browsers) and search for the "@" sign. If you find none, it is probably because they just keep on server, or no email is sent at all.

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