I've just finished installing Virtuoso's opensource package and I'm running the web gui called Conductor.

It requires a login, but I don't think there was anything about setting that up during install.

is there a default un / pass for this? if now, how do I set one?

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According to their documentation, you can log in initially as:

username: dba
password: dba

Edit: i also found that there are two different default users setup:

There are two system users of immediate importance:

dba -- the relational data administrative account
dav --the WebDAV adminstrative account.

By default each of these accounts has its password set the same as its username. It is strongly advised that you change these as soon as possible for obvious security reasons.


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There are supposedly several default users set up, per Section 3.1.1 Default Passwords of their documentation (dba, dav, vad, demo, soap, fori), but dba and dav are the critical ones to change. Note: I don't actually see the other users under the Ubuntu Xenial virtuoso package (version 6.1.6+repack-0ubuntu5)

That page also has the isql syntax to change the password (only for the logged in user, ie, dba) on the command line:

This can be changed using the Interactive SQL utility. When started without parameters, the ISQL tries to log on as dba with the default password. The SQL statement to change a user's password is:

set password <old password> <new password>

The password is an identifier, so take care to use proper quotation.

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