I'm developing a firefox add-on, and I'd like to log objects to console.log. Is there a way to expand the object description beyond the monotonic [object Object]? I mean if I have something like {hello: "world"} I'd like it's fields and values to be displayed like in node.js' console? Without actually implementing a loop iterating over the values.


Sometimes just a simply JSON.stringify(object) will work. I use that quite a bit.


If you're using Firefox nightly, you can do this:

  1. set 'extensions.sdk.console.logLevel' in about:config to 'all'
  2. use console.dir and look in the relatively new browser console:


console.dir prints a nice expandable tree in the browser console.


Use ctrl+shift+j for console (but new firebug i think do it now too)

Remember console.log didnt work at SDK 1.14! See Official blog. Use console.error

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