I tried checking on Google, but I couldn't find much information related to the actual question.

How do I get a consolidated list of zombie processes and daemon processes? How do I do it on different operating systems. Linux? AIX? Windows?

I am sure that, based on PID, we cannot identify the type of process. Running through a terminal might not help either.

  • There's no way to identify daemon processes, but zombies have Z in the state column of ps.
    – Barmar
    Aug 1 '13 at 10:11

Try out this.

ps axo pid,ppid,pgrp,tty,tpgid,sess,comm |awk '$2==1' |awk '$1==$3'

In the above command I used the very properties of a daemon to filter them out, from all of existing processes in Linux.

The parent of a daemon is always Init, so check for ppid 1. The daemon is normally not associated with any terminal, hence we have ‘?’ under tty. The process-id and process-group-id of a daemon are normally same The session-id of a daemon is same as it process id.


With GNU ps on Linux:


$ ps --version

procps-ng version 3.3.3



ps -lA | grep '^. Z'

will get you all zombies (note that the param is lowercase 'L', i.e., 'l' followed by 'A').


As @Barmar said there's no way to get daemons for certain, but a clue that a process is a daemon is that it's not associated with any TTY device. The 12th column of 'ps -Al' output is TTY; the 4th is PID, 14th is the process name. Hence:

ps -lA | awk '$12 == "?" {print $4, $14}'

will get you processes that are possibly daemons; not guaranteed! :)


Daemons are started by the init process, which means they have a PPID of 1.


ps -ef | awk '$3 == 1'
  • But this will output those processes that are not daemons as well. Because, if a process parent dies before a child, that child is then parented by init(). Jan 28 '14 at 7:03

To get the list of Zombie and daemon process just write a psudo character dev driver, where you should navigate trough the task_struct and look for state

  • True, but: (a) more effort (b) you still won't know which is a daemon for sure
    – kaiwan
    Aug 2 '13 at 3:44
  • Would you please eloberate on "write a pseudo character dev driver"? Also, by navigating through task_struct, is it possible to identify a daemon process precisely. Meaning, for sure. No mismatches.
    – kris123456
    Aug 12 '13 at 10:15

I wrote for daemons and the "old" sysv initd, you have to check if it is working on your distro.

Good demons have well written startup scripts in /etc/initd

When changing runlevel, how does init know the running daemons ?

It looks for their names in the directory


So you can

  • get the names list from there

  • scan all the running processes and check if the name is inside the list: bingo !

To scan all the processes: list every subdirectory in


If its name is digits, it is the pid of a running process.

For example, the status of the process with pid 1234 is this file


Open it and get the first line, starts with "Name:"


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