I'm trying to create a list of related articles in Drupal, based on shared tags. I've used this solution and it works great: Creating list of similar nodes in Drupal 7/Views 3

However, I wish to expand on this and exclude certain nodes from the related view which are not relevant. I have a node reference field (field_exclude) for the article which allows the user to select which nodes to exclude.

I just need to update this related view to exclude any node ids found in field_exclude. Any idea on how I update the view to add this functionality?



Add a Filter Criteria for the field_exclude and there set the "Not empty" value or any other value that wil do the job.

  • My answer assumes that you use the nid as argument to get the related nodes. – TheodorosPloumis Aug 5 '13 at 16:00

Another solution here is to use the NodeQueue module where users can add nodes in lists/views.

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