Created a module and ran it. All worked fine. Copied over a few files from an existing project to save writing out the registration forms again.

Ran the application but now it wont work. From debug, error comes from starter.cs it says:

// Previous initialization resulted in an error (and another initialization is running)
            if (_previousError != null) {
                throw new ApplicationException("Error during application initialization", _previousError);

When I run CTRL+F5 it says:

App_Data\Dependencies\Orchard.ContentPermissions.dll' is denied.

From googling I've found that this issue seems to be related to uploading the website to the dev server.

How can I resolve it?

I have tried closing and re-opening Visual Studio. Restarting the ASP.NET dev server, and deleting the cache file.


You need to have writing permissions on app_data and all subfolders for the user under which the app pool runs.

  • thanks for the reply I had to re-start my laptop. that seemed to fix the problem – John Aug 5 '13 at 9:27

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