I'm trying to import my Eclipse based Android project using the build.gradle file. I get the following message: "failed to find Build Tools revision 18.0.0". However, according to the Android SDK Manager, I have Android SDK Build-tools 18.0.1 installed.

I am doing all this on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine, if that's relevant.

How do I fix this?

UPDATE: I actually only updated to Build-tools 18.0.1 this morning. I then noticed that, when making a new project in Android Studio, it wouldn't allow me to create a project using Android 4.3 (4.2.2 was the latest allowable version). I tried dropping the target version of my project to Android 4.2.2, and re-exporting it. Now Android Studio complains about not being able to find Build-tools 18.0.1 when I try to import this project.


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I was an Android Studio virgin too up until 10 minutes ago. I ran into the same problem. If you check your SDK Manager in Android Studio (or Eclipse I believe) it will show which tools you have installed. I am/was missing build tools 18.0.1 too and getting the error....but it was because I hadn't installed them.

So without modifying the Gradle build files, I was able to install the build tools using the SDK Manager and get everything up and running.

See this image: enter image description here

As an aside, I also had to update the API version as well because it selected an API version that wasn't installed (which I don't get because it was when I compiled with Eclipse).

Hope this helps.


This did the trick for me.

In build.gradle file inside the main module modify the line

buildToolsVersion "18.0.0" 


buildToolsVersion "18.0.1"

I'm very new to Android Studio (as of last night). I encountered the same problem. I opened up the 'build.gradle' file and modified the lines with: "compileSdkVersion 18" and "buildToolsVersion 18.0.1" to 17 and 17.0.0 respectively. It seems to do the trick!


you must make sure the build.gradle file contains the same version of the installed build tools.

you can find this out by looking in the /sdk/build-tools/android-X.Y.Z/source.properties file under the Android Studio installation



then plug that revision number into the gradle build file:

android {  
      compileSdkVersion 18  
     buildToolsVersion "18.1.1"  



I had issues with Gradle too. A full delete and install the latest version fixed it.

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    I just tried this. After reinstalling Android Studio, the problem remains.
    – Ogre
    Commented Aug 2, 2013 at 4:28

I also had the same problem then I have checked my Enviornment Variable and it is pointing to my old sdk which does not have Build tool 18.0.x After pointing it to new sdk everything goes well.

  • What environment variable would that be? Commented Sep 10, 2013 at 5:23
  • 1
    That is path of SDK. on Windows it is in called Environment Variable and on MAC and Linux you have to export path in .bash_profile file.
    – Ankit
    Commented Sep 10, 2013 at 9:08

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