I'm trying to write a simple script for C to get values from a MySQL database, but it's throwing this error 'undefined reference to `_mysql_init@4''

Don't know if I'm not linking to something I should be? My C knowledge is limited...

I'm using Code Blocks on Windows, here's my code:

#include <winsock.h>
#include <C:\mysql\include\mysql.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int main()
   MYSQL mysql;
   MYSQL_RES *res;
   MYSQL_ROW row;

   char query[80];
   sprintf(query,"SELECT src,dst FROM ipaudit");
   mysql_real_query(&mysql,query,(unsigned int)strlen(query));
   res = mysql_use_result(&mysql);
   while(row = mysql_fetch_row(res))
    printf("%s %sn",row[0],row[1]);
   return 0;
  • script? Do you mean a "program" :) – pmg Nov 26 '09 at 1:17
  • _mysql_init@4? Are you perhaps compiling your code as C++? – pmg Nov 26 '09 at 1:17
  • heh, yeah... :-/ – logic-unit Nov 26 '09 at 1:18
  • Erm, I don't think so pmg...i'm not sure – logic-unit Nov 26 '09 at 1:19
  • Oh! #include <C:\mysql\include\mysql.h> looks wrong (but that's not part of you immediate problem). Try this instead #include "C:/mysql/include/mysql.h": the backslashes may get transformed to something else and the forward slashes work as well. – pmg Nov 26 '09 at 1:24

undefined reference refers to a problem with the linker. The function mysql_init() is not part of your code and is already compiled in a library. You have to tell the linker to include the code for that function by specifying the library where said code is.

I don't know how to specify libraries in Code Blocks, sorry


A quick Google search for how to specify libraries in Code Blocks returned a interesting result :)

  • Ah brilliant! Thanks pmg, i'll try that... – logic-unit Nov 26 '09 at 1:21
  • That website is great. Thanks for your help - problem now fixed. – logic-unit Nov 26 '09 at 1:25

That's a linker error, indicating that the linker can't find the function mysql_init.

Make sure you are linking to libmysql.lib or mysqlclient.lib. You also need to include <my_global.h> when building on Windows (see that same page in the MySQL Manual).

  • Hi James, Thanks for your reply. I'm going to have to ask the dumb question. How do I link the libmysql.lib? With an #include? – logic-unit Nov 26 '09 at 1:16
  • In your Code::Blocks Compiler Settings, under Directories > Linker, add the folder where the MySQL libraries are located. Then in your project build options (Linker tab) add the proper libraries to the Link libraries list. – Adam Maras Nov 26 '09 at 1:27
  • Nice one! Thanks James! – logic-unit Nov 26 '09 at 1:30
  • @Adam Maras: Thanks a lot; I've never used CodeBlocks and as such had no idea on that one :-). @logic-unit: You're welcome. – James McNellis Nov 26 '09 at 1:35

use 32bit connector: http://www.mysql.com/downloads/connector/c/ and dont forget to #include <windows.h> before #include <mysql.h>

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