I have two Widget having separate implementation. They are ...

Both will show in fullscreen.

In mainwindow I add both widget in following sequence

ComposeMessageUi* ptrEditor = new ComposeMessageUi(this); // these are inside 
MessageInboxUi * ptrInbox = new MessageInboxUi(this);     // MainWindow Constructor

so when I call show function of ComposeMessageUi while MessageInboxUi is displaying, it does no display (because it displaying behind MessageInboxUi).

How can I make ComposeMessageUi to front (I mean, how can I redefined their z-order)


If you want the ComposeMessageUi to block the mainwindow set the modal flag with

void setModal(true);

If your code is not derived from QDialog you eventually need to use

void setWindowModality(Qt::ApplicationModal);

(see documentation for alternative modality modes)

To just bring your window to the front you can use:

void QWidget::raise();

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