I'm still pretty much a newbie, so I hope my question makes sense.

I created a simple Automator application. I have iCal set to run it during the night. Because other things are running at the same time, I sometimes get "The action "blah blah blah" encountered an error...."

Is there a way (with Applescript) to either: (1) ignore the error and have the application continue or (2) click the "OK" button on the error and restart the application?

EDIT: I basically want Applescript to run the Automator-created app and, if/when that app has a "The action "blah blah blah" encountered an error"-type message, I want Applescript to continue or restart the Automator-created app. This includes getting rid of the error message box that popped up during the running of the Automator-created app.



If your code is within an Applescript, you can try something like this:

repeat with i from 1 to 5
        --insert your code here
        set thrownError to 1 / 0

        -- If code completes without error, exit repeat
        exit repeat
    on error
        delay 3
    end try
end repeat
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  • Sorry, the code isn't in Applescript. The app was created in Automater (basically multiple Watch Me Dos & loops). Whenever something delays what the app is doing, I get the "encountered an error" message. I basically get the error when my computer is trying to do multiple things. I'm looking for a way to use Applescript to eliminate the popup error msg and restart the Automater-created app whenever this timeout-like error occurs. Thanks again. – user2475147 Aug 2 '13 at 18:03
  • Try to drag the actions from Watch me do into the workflow which will create an Applescript to enclose in the try block. – adayzdone Aug 2 '13 at 18:11
  • @adayzdone, oh that's interesting! user2475147, You could try setting the timeout to a higher level. The duration of the timeout is a setting in the "Watch Me Do" action. Anyways, also, here is a link to a page on GUI Scripting: learnbymac.com/wiki/… – Kaydell Aug 9 '13 at 8:22

If you just want to ignore an error in applescript, just use try

  --do what ever
on error
  --continue with code
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