How to make increment row number with laravel pagination ? When i use pagination and i go to page 2 and above it will back to beginning. for example i will paginate(3)

    <?php $i = 1; ?>
    @foreach ($telephone->results as $telp)
       <td>{{ $telp->name }}</td>                               

when i go to page 2 the number will start from 1 again.

i need to make it when i go to page 2 it will start from 4

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In Laravel 5.3 you can use firstItem():

@foreach ($items as $key => $value)    
  {{ $items->firstItem() + $key }}

The below works with laravel 5.4

<?php $i = ($telephone->currentpage()-1)* $telephone-
>perpage() + 1;?>
@foreach($telephone as $whatever)
<td> {{ $i++ }}</td>

Edited The below works for laravel 5.7 above

@foreach ($telephone as $key=> $whatever)
  <td>{{ $key+ $telephone->firstItem() }}</td>

You should be able to use the getFrom method to get the starting number of the current pages results. So instead of setting $i = 1; you should be able to do this.

<?php $i = $telephone->getFrom(); ?>

In Laravel 3 there is no getFrom method so you need to calculate it manually.

<?php $i = ($telephone->page - 1) * $telephone->per_page + 1; ?>
  • Thank you for your kind attention. By the way when I use getForm method i get error Call to undefined method Laravel\Paginator::getFrom() Aug 3, 2013 at 15:12
  • Ah sorry, assumed L4. I've updated my answer to include an L3 variation. Aug 4, 2013 at 2:49

Laravel 5.3

@foreach ($products as $key=>$val)
  {{ ($products->currentpage()-1) * $products->perpage() + $key + 1 }}

For Laravel 6.2: $loop - just in case, is a built-in instance in Blade

@foreach($array as $item)
    <tr class="table-row">
      <td class="site-id">
         {{($array->currentPage() - 1) * $array->perPage() + $loop->iteration}}

You can simply add the following line

$i = ($telephone->currentpage()-1)* $telephone->perpage();

in place of

$i = 1;
@php($sl = ($yourVariable->perPage() * $yourVariable->currentPage()) - ($yourVariable->perPage() - 1))

@foreach($yourVariable as $item)

<td>{{ $item->key_name }}</td>



  • you should explain the answer Mar 20, 2018 at 3:48

In Laravel 6

@php $i = ($data->currentpage()-1)* $data->perpage() + 1;@endphp

@foreach($data as $banner)
   <td><img src="{{ URL::to('/') }}/dist/img/{{$banner->name}}" height="250" width="600"></td>
 @php  $i += 1; @endphp

Or avoid php tags completely by

 @foreach ($users as $key => $user)
    {{ (Input::get('page', 1) - 1) * $users->getPerPage() + $key + 1 }}

If you are using Laravel Pagination. It works very well

The backend

public function index()
    return view('your.telephone.index', [
        'telephone' => Telephone::paginate(15)

Blade front end

<td>{{ (($telephone->currentPage() * 10) - 10) + $loop->iteration  }}</td>

And don't forget embed the page

{{ $telephone->links() }}

For $loop->iteration

See the doc here: https://laravel.com/docs/7.x/blade#the-loop-variable

For $telephone->currentPage()

See the doc here: https://laravel.com/docs/7.x/pagination#paginator-instance-methods


You can use it in your controller. example given below

$records = Table::paginate(20);
return view('yourview',compact('records')->with('i', ($request->input('page', 1) - 1) * 20);

Note: paginate value must be equal to with() function vlaue

after that you can use $i variable in you blade file. controller calculate value according to page number and return to blade

In blade file. use inside the loop

{{ ++$i }}

Hopefully this will help you


Laravel 8++

$loop->iteration is available out of the box inside loop.

{{ ($barangs->currentPage() - 1)  * $barangs->count() + $loop->iteration }}
  • $barangs->count() should be $barangs->perPage(). count() is for the current page, which will cause issues if you're on the last page and it has a different number of results from the others pages.
    – anjama
    Mar 30 at 14:04

I'm using this, in Laravel 8, accessing $loop, and links()->paginator:

       @foreach ($users as $user)
                <td class="text-center">{{ ($users->currentPage() - 1)  * $users->links()->paginator->perPage() + $loop->iteration }}</td>
                <td class="text-center">{{$user->name}}</td>

Which works properly even when the final page is only partially filled.

Could also use $users->perPage() in place of $users->links()->paginator->perPage()

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