I would like to write a regular expression that starts with the string "wp" and ends with the string "php" to locate a file in a directory. How do I do it?

Example file: wp-comments-post.php


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This should do it for you ^wp.*php$



Doesn't match


^wp.*\.php$ Should do the trick.

The .* means "any character, repeated 0 or more times". The next . is escaped because it's a special character, and you want a literal period (".php"). Don't forget that if you're typing this in as a literal string in something like C#, Java, etc., you need to escape the backslash because it's a special character in many literal strings.

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    This should also work: ^wp.+\.php$ The only difference is the '+', which makes the dot "greedy". Apr 8, 2016 at 3:35
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    @AdamHowell + and * are both greedy, although greediness doesn't make a difference in this case. The difference is that * matches zero or more characters, and the + matches one or more characters. So if someone wanted to match "wp.php", they should use *; if they specifically wanted to not match that, they should use +.
    – Michelle
    Apr 11, 2016 at 10:34

Example: ajshdjashdjashdlasdlhdlSTARTasdasdsdaasdENDaknsdklansdlknaldknaaklsdn

1) START\w*END return: STARTasdasdsdaasdEND - will give you words between START and END

2) START\d*END return: START12121212END - will give you numbers between START and END

3) START\d*_\d*END return: START1212_1212END - will give you numbers between START and END having _

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