I have a simple script that downloads database from phone to my PC it uses 'run-as', it worked well, but now, run-as says 'package is unknown' my application is installed on device, nothing changed, just Android was updated to 4.3

Do you have the same problems? how to bypass this or resolve ?


We ran into the missing run-as problem when the Galaxy S4 released without it. We were using run-as to start a gdbserver for app debugging.

We worked around the issue by starting gdbserver as an Android service. More details at run-as Package 'a.b.c' is unknown - Galaxy S4 Jellybean or Android 4.3

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I changed a little my script, but it needs phone to be rooted

%adb% shell "su root cp /data/data/%PACKAGE%/databases/%DB% /sdcard/my/%DB%"

%adb% pull /sdcard/my/%DB% db

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Just spent half a day faced the same problem on my Nexus 7 (800x1280). The issue described here, as user408952 mentioned:


Answer #32 from the link above worked for me: I've installed 4.3 factory image and everything works. No root needed!

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