Between Keeping the Footer Down & Full Browser Width Bars I am 90% to where I need to be.
(For the "Full Browser Width Bars" link I'm using "timd.mackey"s Solution in the Comment Section Below)

So everything works great except for a this annoying double scroll bar. Click the Link Below to see what I mean.

Click this to See my Problem!

overflow-x:hidden on the Body seems to be both my solution and my problem.

Any Help Would be Super Cool of You.

Hopefully this has been Clear.

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Try adding:

html {
    overflow-y: hidden

Another solution that might work (depending on what you're trying to achieve) is adding:

body {
  height: 100vh;

Maybe overflow-y:hidden on body would help you? or even better use just overflow:hidden; on body

body { overflow:hidden; }

BTW, if you want just to bind footer to bottom of page, use absolute positioning and margin-bottom on container block


.container { margin-bottom:100px; }
.footer { height:100px; position:absolute; left:0; bottom:0; }


    <div class="container"><!-- here's everything except footer --></div>
    <div class="footer"></div>
  • body { overflow:hidden; } that solved my problem – Dominic Guana Nov 10 '17 at 16:03

If the problem is due to html, body { overflow-x: hidden;} then try using html, body{height: 100%;} it worked fine for me.

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