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I am trying to use the FTP server (factory) in Geronimo 3.0.1 on Fedora 19, in eclipse kepler. I have the following import which produces no error:

import org.apache.mina.*;

However, when I declare

FTPServerFactory ftpFactory;
FTPServer ftpServer;

neither of FTPServer and FTPServerFactory is resolvable. The usual eclipse hints in the editor, which are very cool, offer no help in this case. My build path has the mina-core.jar (This is the only MINA jar that I find in /usr/share/java/apache-mina). The build path dialog flags errors, not explicitly for mina, stating the the following are missing:


I suspect that my installation is missing other mina jars and am at a loss for the three errors above except that the last one is strange given that the that the build path has


My environment is all relatively new, so there could be problems in a number of places. Any advice on where to start?

Thanks in advance.

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I am not sure what happened when I logged in. Please disregard the empty question. I have the following, which does not produce errors.

import org.apache.ftpserver.ftplet.FtpException;
import org.apache.ftpserver.ftplet.FtpReply;
import org.apache.ftpserver.ftplet.FtpRequest;
import org.apache.ftpserver.ftplet.FtpSession;
import org.apache.ftpserver.ftplet.Ftplet;
import org.apache.ftpserver.ftplet.FtpletContext;
import org.apache.ftpserver.ftplet.FtpletResult;
import org.apache.ftpserver.listener.ListenerFactory;
import org.apache.ftpserver.ssl.SslConfigurationFactory;
import org.apache.ftpserver.usermanager.*;
import org.apache.ftpserver.usermanager.impl.BaseUser;

My build path includes

ftpserver-core-1.06.jar - /usr/share/java/apache-ftpserver/common/lib

A code fragment follows

//Add the user to the FTP server as well.
PropertiesUserManagerFactory userManagerFactory = new PropertiesUserManagerFactory();
userManagerFactory.setFile(new File(""));
userManagerFactory.setPasswordEncryptor(new SaltedPasswordEncryptor());
org.apache.ftpserver.ftplet.UserManager um = userManagerFactory.createUserManager();
BaseUser user = new BaseUser();
new File(ConfigurationValues.get("ftpFilesRoot")+newCredentials.getUserID());

I hope this is of use. Takes a little burrowing to sort it out.

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@admin I was editing an answer to a posted question (not mine), logged in with google, and posted my answer (I thought). Instead I got the above, which belongs with the original question – stuartw Oct 6 '13 at 23:54

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