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For example, if the table desc is,

id int(11) pk auto_increment
content varchar(128)

and if i inserted (null, 'test') how can i get the inserted new id?

the input 'test' can't be the where condition, because it is not a unique key, it can be duplicated.

Any good idea?

or do i have to redesign the table to insert some unique key for that?

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Try with $this->db->insert_id() like

$this->db->insert(); //Here your insert query
echo "Insert Id is ".$this->db->insert_id();

Try this LINK


You might be looking for LAST_INSERT_ID

LAST_INSERT_ID is a value representing the first automatically generated value that was set for an AUTO_INCREMENT column by the most recently executed INSERT statement to affect such a column. It is session specific.


If you want the last insert id, you can try this


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