Anybody knows where can I increase the size of logcat text? There's no setting for it in the main settings.


Go to file-> Settings-> Editor-> Colors & Font -> Console Font

Though to change the saved settings, you will have to create a new scheme or save the existing scheme with a new name(see the top of the screenshot.enter image description here)

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    Don't miss that you have to change the Console Font page, even though the screen shot shows the Android Logcat page. – Edward Brey Aug 4 '16 at 20:14

Thanks to @params for his answer but here is the correct screen shot

File > Settings > Editor > Colors & Font > Console Font

In size column give your size ,ex :- 18 click Ok

enter image description here


from android studio 3.1.2 it is in Settings > Editor > Color Scheme > Console Font

enter image description here


Now in AS 3.1.2 the font settings are under "Editor -> Color Scheme -> Console Font" which is misleading.

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