I am reading this tutorial to create a new blog using the octopress


I have successfully installed all the reuqired software and also created a heroku account.

I have also completed this step of configuring octopress with heroku


Now I am at the step where I have to configure the _config.yml file.


I am a little confused here as to what should I really put in this file.

Can anyone share a sample or some guidance on how can I complete this step and go about my first post?


This is how I have it for an Octopress in Heroku:

In the config.yml fill in your url, title, subtitle, author, description

The rest of the defaults should work.

If you have a custom domain you have to add a CNAMe file.

To create a new post you use rake as in rake new_post['Name of awesome post']

Then open that post. It is under the folder source/_posts

Add contents after the yml header

Save file.

Then follow the steps of deployment.

I documented an octopress to heroku deployment on my blog here:


There is no mystery to it. If you have more questions tweet me @tomordonez or reply back with your results

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